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The Kidneys: Inspiration to Store & Nurture

Monday, December 14th, 2009

The Winter Solstice is approaching, thus our time to celebrate the corresponding organ – The Kidneys.

Ah, what an amazing organ these are. If the body were a royal court, the kidneys greatly deserve the title throne for their importance in the rest of the body kingdom (with the liver a close second). Every organ is affected by these wonders of mother nature.

Organ functions:

  • filter, absorb and secrete blood
  • maintain water balance
  • in charge of reproduction, growth and development & formation of bone marrow
  • store the essence (called Jing in Chinese medicine), vitality, & sexual energy of the person
  • house the primary source of Qi (energy) in stored in the body
  • work with the lungs by taking water from the fresh oxygen brought into the lungs and extracting it to distribute to the rest of the body

More on the blood and the kidneys:

  • in general the kidneys contain about 25% of the body’s blood at all times (they are In Charge!)
  • 48 gallons of blood flow throw the kidneys daily -Reflexology improves circulation and boy, do we need it to do this!
  • the waste material from the blood removed by the kidneys leaves the body as urine

Organ Partner: The Bladder (Yang) & Kidney (Yin) are a couple in the body working together and make up part of the Urinary System (which also includes the urethra and ureters)

Element: Water – how well do you flow with things? Are emotions damned up inside, dried up like a desert, serene like a lake or flowing like a river?

Emotion: Fear – A water imbalance may be a cause or consequence of this emotion coming up more than usual

Chakra: Sacral – This chakra focuses on relationships and connecting with others in an intimate and sexual level.

Color: Orange in the chakra system and blue in Chinese medicine

Sense Organ: In the chakra system the kidneys correspond to taste, in Chinese medicine the sense organ is the ear. Problems in hearing may reflect a water imbalance.

Healing Sound: Whooooo (chanting this sound during a meditation practice can help balance the kidney/bladder meridians)

Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang & Geranium drops mixed in a small spray bottle with water for women makes a nice refreshing body spray. For men, sandalwood & ginger.

Asana (yoga pose): Happy Baby Pose rocking slowly gently on either side of the spine brings nourishing energy to the kidneys. While holding the feet you may touch the kidney meridian point on the plantar side of the foot (under the heads of the 2-3 metatarsals)

Mudra (hand gesture): Touch the tip of the thumb with the pinky tip, extend other three fingers. Do this on both hands. Rest the back of the hands on upper thighs, breathing comfortably repeat the mantra “The great spirit that lives in the water purifies, refreshes, and strengthens my mind, body and soul.” (from Gertrud Hirschi’s Yoga in your Hands)

To celebrate the beginning of this Winter Season we can nurture this area of the body by viewing it as our well spring of vital essence. Our light eminates from this space to keep us warm and spread warmth to others.

Happy Holidays,

M Burke – ARCB Foot Reflexologist

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