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Inspiration to Receive

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
drawn by M Komatsu, my acupuncturist and friend

drawn by M Komatsu, my acupuncturist and friend

The Spleen – El Bazo

Late Summer Greetings from Soul Support Reflexology! The spleen is our featured organ during this time of abundance and the golden color yellow.

Reading up on the many duties of this organ gave me such a new respect for it, Wow! Who would’ve known it was so vital to our system..? Known as ‘Governor of transformation’ or for us ladies, ‘Governess’. As a community we look to our Governor to promote change and bring us a better way of life, someone who will take us down our best path. Yet, it is essential we are open to receive this transformation thus aptly named ‘Inspiration to Receive’.

Spiritually or energetically when we think of receiving something we can feel vulnerable because we are letting our drawbridge down to take in this new thing, person or idea. Which is why I feel, for many of us, we decline offers, even simple things like a glass of water or tea when we come to someone’s house. So, perhaps by starting to say yes to these little things (even if we aren’t thirsty) then when bigger invitations come to us saying yes will come easier.

Much like a mother keeping a well maintained household, the spleen is inadvertently responsible for the health of all the other organs. How fitting that its element is the earth, the source of all life. It supplies blood and energy to them so they can fulfill their functions. Besides this important function it also is responsible for controlling the appetite, nourishing the muscles and controlling the blood within the vessels. It is the most important organ involved in the production of blood. Its partner organ, the stomach, breaks down and digests the food. The spleen then transforms it to usable nutrition giving it its title.

Emotion: Worry. Overthinking damages our constitution. How can we let go of this more?

Element: Earth. The earth is the center of the cosmos for us humans just as the spleen is the central place in the body. Keeping our bodies free of dampness and coldness relates to the earth element. When we are outside in nature and see an area that is too damp and wet we know it can be dangerous, same with our interior.

Healing Mantra Sound: Gently exhale with ‘whoooo’ to relieve excess worry and brooding. Think of an owl sound.

Meridian: This channel starts at the medial side of the big toe and travels the interior of our leg, the lateral side of the torso ending near the armpit. This area is where we house many lymph nodes a harbor of where dampness could reside. Moving the energy in this area will help lymph flow, I recommend a qi gong class!

Yin Organ: Responsible for storing, serves as a blood reservoir.

Essential Oil: Stimulating scents that dry out dampness in your olfactory system like basil, fennel or tumeric. You may try putting a just 1-3 drops in your hand mixed with a carrier oil. Rub this along the side of your big toe and in between and a few inches between the armpits and sternum.

Mudra: (hand gesture) To tranquilize the mind and diminish worries bring the hands up to the navel area. Bend the index, ring and pinky fingers toward the palm and press them together along the second joint. Extend the middle fingers so that their finger pads are touching, pointing away from your body. The tips of the thumbs are touching pointing toward you. Elbows and joined hands at the level of the navel. Not only will this relax you but also open the diaphragm to take in more breath strengthening your fire center and shining the bottom of your heart upward toward the sky.

Asana: (yoga posture) Tree Pose with the foot either on the inside of the calf or the thigh stimulates the spleen meridian.solarplexusimage copy

As the last hot days begin to mix with cooler ones we can begin to let go of worry trusting that all of our efforts this summer are coming to harvest.

In Gratitude and Love,
M Burke
ARCB Reflexologist

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