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Inspiration to feel Protected

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

pericardiumimageThe Pericardium-  Our Heart’s bodyguard

El Pericardio

Happy New Year! I very much enjoyed this last year of covering the five organ networks and sharing them with you. What is next? Well, there are two functioning networks that aren’t organs yet do have their own acupuncture channels. These are the Pericardium and the Triple Burner. The pericardium is our heart protector. This is the cute little box that inside houses our jewel of the heart. And we know when we receive such a beautiful gift, the box is also important. It contains the gem. Besides serving as a protective sac around the heart, it also helps regulate circulation in the major blood vessels that run in and out of the heart. Like troops storming a castle, they (meaning pathogens I suppose) must first pass the drawbridge that leads to our heart. How is it different than the heart you may wonder. I see it as the pericardium gets any information first then decides how it wants to present it to the heart. Since the heart houses our spirit it needs to be treated with care, thus the pericardium provides that buffer from the cold harsh winds that whip through our inner and outer world.

Paired Organ: The Triple Burner which is our whole torso representing the upper body, middle abdomen and lower abdomen.

Meridian (energy channel inside the body): The tip of the middle finger is the final point on this channel. It travels up the arm and leads to the heart with just 9 points. One of its points is in the center of the palm, how fitting that this is the connection we have when we hold hands with a lover. This seems like a direct connection to the heart center or gateway to the heart.

Yin or Yang: considered the 6th yin organ. As a reminder, yin organs store qi or essence.

Peak Hours: 7-9pm During this time the pericardium channel reaches its peak of energy according to the Chinese organ clock. We want to do activities that nourish the heart rather than cause it any stress.  Perhaps you are just finishing a fresh cooked healthy dinner and then retreat to the living room to recite a story to your roomie or partner or child.

Color: Red, if you feel this color doesn’t suit your wardrobe it can also be celebrated in different areas of the home, the living room for example.

Element: Fire- eye exercises to raise our shen (spirit) can help this element inside us. Or you may try lighting candles or other warming things in your house, dare I say fireplace…

Season:  Summer- like the small intestine and the heart. This is time of joy and reaching outward corresponding to the season.

Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense and Juniper are all associated with protection. An idea on how to apply them could be to put a few drops into a personal size spray bottle with water. This can be sprayed around your aura to protect all of your subtle bodies as well as the physical body.

Mudra (Hand posture): Abhaya- which is a gesture for promising protection. I chose this one since it is held at the heart area. Hold your right hand up, palm facing out at a level between your neck and shoulders. It is in front of your body a bit as if it’s giving someone a signal to halt. The left hand rests on your left thigh. The affirmation to repeat is “I believe in the good in this _______ (thing, person) and the good will be revealed to me.” (from G Hirschi’s Yoga in Your Hands)

Asana (yoga pose): Forward bends that go inward and provide a buffer for the heart space are good the pericardium. I particularly enjoy baddha konansana (bound ankle pose) for its opening effects in the pelvis but also bowing inward. Like the delicate balance of us keeping our hearts open and receptive yet, also protected.

May we start this new year with a sense of protection around our heart so we may reach to new levels of openness and growth.

In Light and Joy,
M Burke

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