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Inspiration to Allow

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Soul Support!

November 15th 2011

Inspiration to Allow

I have missed all of you out there in cyber world. I am back to blog land and am excited to talk about Allowing.
As we go into this dark season of late fall/winter solstice the pineal gland comes to mind.
It wants to go inside to restore and rejuvenate during these dark hours of less sunshine. Let’s allow ourselves to go into the dark and rest like a bear in its cave.
A good time to get comfy in your cave and bring into it the supplies you need- like warmth and nurturance. What does that look like for you? Feel like?
For me it’s roasted vegetables and cozy blankets with some good company tossed in!

Mugwort: Gathering a few sprigs of this herb will enhance dreaming and other trance work like creative visualization..
Or place a bit in your shoe since it is known as a traveler’s herb especially for the upcoming holiday travel that we may be doing.
I recommend visiting an herb site like, to place an order.
A few drops of the flower essence may be mixed with a massage/carrier oil (almond for example) and rubbed on the lower belly to relieve menstrual cramping and ease childbirth.

Mudra Asthma: This resembles the joining of the lungs and looks so beautiful! Hold your palms in front of each other about two inches apart. Bend the middle fingers down and in so the backs of the first joint are touching. This is the only part of the hands that are joined. Hold other fingers upward.

Color: Purple in association with the pineal gland, and dream sleep. Why not get yourself a purple scarf or other fashion accessory to bring this majestic color to your aura! In the Feng Shui bagua map purple represents fortunate blessings. Yes, this is a time on the calendar where we think of our many blessings..Allowing ourselves to open and give them and also being open to receive blessings that come to us.

Essential Oil: Citronella is an anti-depressant and induces a fresh happy feeling of hope. This sounds good for this time of year. Try a few drops of it in a spray while you clean the corners of your house.

Pineal gland: The tippy top of our endocrine system lies this beauty buried deep in between the two hemispheres of the center of our brain. It produces a hormone that affects our awake/sleep pattern modulation. This hormone is called melatonin. This is a reflux on the foot that deserves a bit of a linger. I think of it so deep inside of us it takes a bit to get to its front door, so to speak. By the time it takes it to answer its door the touch may have gone that’s why it is worthy of an extra touch.

Crown Chakra Reflux: When we dust off this area of the toes we are making space for new ideas, inspirations and divinations to come into our crown. I think of this as the top of our flower where the sun hits it the strongest. When the light comes into our crown we cannot help but heed to the warmth and nurturance of the light.

I invite you to be in the world more with your palms open, open to receive and allow good to come into your space.  When we walk in the dark and trust that its light of the stars and the moon will guide us we realize we are always going the right way.

Gratefully in love and light,

M Burke

ARCB Reflexologist

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